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Being Relevant to Who is Relevant

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Lauren Heath

VP, Campaign Marketing Strategy & Execution

Email is the key channel to support digital campaigns/lead generation programs. Informa Engage Campaign Marketing develops the marketing strategy and manages the execution through reporting. Campaign Marketers create, copywrite,

test and manage email segmentation, deployment, and tracking in real-time for digital and event marketing programs.

Promotional Emails (promos) are deployed daily and weekly to fulfill digital and event marketing campaigns (e.g., white papers, webinars, Content Engagement Centers). Informa Engage Campaign Marketing tracks email analytics to manage attrition.

Emails sent on behalf of Informa Engage-Campaign Marketing represent between 20%–50% of all emails sent to a market’s audience. Other promotions sent by in-market marketing teams include:

  • Editorial Newsletters
  • Digital Editions
  • Renewals
  • Sponsored
  • Transactional
  • Event Attendee Campaigns

All promo emails are tagged and tracked in a market-specific Email Campaign Tracker so Informa Engage Campaign marketers can monitor audience activity and churn.

Opt-out averages are reviewed monthly to manage anomalies or spikes. See sample Opt Out Report (refreshed monthly) and view opt-out averages by Email Type.

Our team of digital marketing experts also understands complex CRM platforms and executes deployment using email best practices in targeting based on audience relevancy. For every project, we follow these Best Practices:

Focus and Test

List Segmentation/Targeting: Where possible, we segment email lists based on the most targeted criteria tied to audience relevance. This way, we can pinpoint the most qualified audience when lead criteria is stringent or divide out broader audiences by segments to test email components. Both methods result in fewer emails sent.

Inspiring Action

Copywriting: Every word we write is sharpened to clarify the WIIFM and maximize the CTA. All emails sent by Informa Engage campaign marketing are written or re-summarized for clear WIIFM and CTA. Also, we don’t copy and paste client summaries but revise and recreate based on the audience segment, audience topic trends, Market tone, and actual content being promoted.

Timed for Effectiveness

Dayparting: We arrange campaign send times on the basis of the asset and likelihood for conversion. For instance, webinars and surveys will perform better in the evenings because users are more likely on a mobile device or home computer. White papers and reports perform better during work hours.

Persistent Attention

Frequency Filters and Calendar: We maintain a Market-Specific Email Calendar that houses the daily email schedule, and we set up frequency filters in Eloqua with all deployments to manage email frequency per person on any given day/week.

Eliminating Fatigue

Smart Suppression: Users who open one or more emails and do not convert are suppressed from future promotions for that specific campaign/asset. If the asset changes or if the campaign goes on for more than 4–5 weeks, users are added back to a campaign list segment for a final offer.

Put to the Test

AB Testing: Typically, we will test small segments to identify the strongest subject lines, calls to action, cadence, design, and tone.

Constant Improvement

Email Analysis: We maintain an in-depth Email Campaign Tracker to track trends around audience segments, topics, email components, and more.

List Retention

Fighting Attrition: Marketing Sherpa reports that, on average, marketers lose 25% of their email list each year to attrition. Therefore, list retention should be an absolute must for all email marketers.

Email is essential to lead generation programs. Informa Engage Campaign Marketers are experts on marketing strategy and execution and employ best practices to manage effective promotions with a high rate of return and low rate of attrition.

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