Sidekick Ads



  • Large canvas, full rich media interactivity
  • Begins as display ad unit that “kicks” out to the side of the browser when clicked
  • Rich creative possibilities – advertiser messaging, video elements, product samples and more – delivered without affecting page content
  • Viewer stays in control of the ad experience


  • Content marketing
  • Lead generation
  • Education
  • Product demonstrations

Initial dimensions: 300×250 or 300×600
Expanded dimension: 850×700

Client supplies: 3rd party tags or HTML5 (as 3rd party tag, DoubleClick Studio creative, or DCM tag.)

Action: Kicks out to right, shifting website to the left. Expansion activated user-initiated click only. Closes via obvious “close” text or “X”.

Max Initial File Load Size: 200K; 300K polite download.

Borders: Creatives without border must have high contrast background color that doesn’t mimic the background color of the website.

Animation on initial load should not last more than 15 seconds. Unlimited for user initiated animation.

Audio/Video must have visible functioning controls (play/pause, mute, stop). Audio muted on initial load. 1.1 MB additional file size allowed for host-initiated video. Unlimited file size for user-initiated video.

Brand-specific specifications may apply. Please contact your Informa Representative for detailed specifications and delivery instructions.

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