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Build up the hype for your events by pulling out the best and most exciting moments of it and showcasing them to your current and future attendees. 

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Pre-rollout event guides are initially created before all sponsorships are secured. The website is utilized to attract additional sponsors. Premium sponsors are required to have resources and other necessary materials prepared. This process typically takes around 10 days for creative development and approximately 12 hours for costing. Additional sponsors will be incorporated in weekly increments as they are confirmed.

Standard Rollout

The standard rollout for event guides commences once all materials are prepared for the creative team to begin their work. Although the initial build typically takes around 10 business days without additional hours for development, subsequent updates are less frequent, requiring less time overall and resulting in a more cost-effective timeline.

< 12 Sponsors

Event Guide Build

The “12 Sponsors or Fewer” model showcases all sponsors prominently on the main home page, with each sponsor having its own dedicated page accessible via click-through.

Upon receiving all necessary materials, the creative team requires approx. 12-15 business days to complete the construction phase of the build. Subsequent updates are implemented over the following weeks. The entire process, including construction and updates, requires a total of 37 hours.

Number of Sponsors

12 Or Less

Total Build Business Days


Total Build Time

37+ Hours


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