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What we do
We Act as an Extension of Your Existing Team
Our sole focus is to help your team drive profitable marketing services revenue growth. We do this by designing digital products and services optimized for your market, arming your sales teams, and then executing the delivery of the sold programs post-sale.
Why We Do It
Today’s Digital Marketing Services Requires Deep Expertise
Digital marketing services has been become incredibly complex and requires highly specialized skill sets coming together and working in harmony to provide execution excellence. This is why Informa Engage exists. Businesses that try to manage on their own struggle with execution while pulling teams out of their designated swim lanes. Be smart and leverage the Informa Engage team to execute your sold programs, allowing your team to stay externally focused on your customers.
How We Do It
End-to-End Expertise
We are your dedicated team of experts, organized by functional specialist areas. Our unrivaled experience delivers innovative programs and seamless execution for market differentiation.
Scott Harris
SVP, Sales Enablement
Barbara Couchois
SVP, Operations
Brian Reinholz
VP, Program Management
Tricia Syed
SVP, Audience Marketing & Insights
Dan Cross
VP, Ops Analytics & Insights
Kristin Letourneau
VP, Research
Maggie Spano
VP, Advertising Solutions Group
Jennifer Shumar
Sr. Director, Audience Data Strategy
Toni Cumberbatch
Sr. Director, Data Marketing Solutions
Tara Pollak
Sr. Director, Audience Marketing Ops & Insights
Karen McAleer
Sr. Director, Campaign Marketing & Insights
Katrina Schultz
SVP, Marketing Services Delivery
Heather Schubert
VP, Webinars & Virtual Experiences
Amy Miller
Director, Digital Engagement
Amy James
Director, Marketing Services Design
Jody Pritchett
Director, Finance
Claudio Goldbarg
Chief Integration Office
Lauren Heath Whittington
Marketing Director
Joanna Schreck
Sr. Director, Ops Data Strategy & Infrastructure
Erica Bengal
Director, Campaign Marketing
Karen Zurschmiede
Director, Data Integrity & Operational Excellence
Susie Barroso
Director, Campaign Marketing
Tierney Roland
Director, Campaign Marketing
Priya Sandhu
Sr. Director, Marketing Services Development
Kalinda Livingston
Director, Program Management
Dennis Boiko
Sr. Director, Advertising Solutions Group

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