Using Market Research to Fuel Your Content Marketing Assets

As B2B marketers become increasingly savvy with the use of content marketing, it becomes even more important to create content assets that stand out from a very crowded landscape. Using primary research to develop proprietary, original data to fuel your content pieces is an excellent way to do just that.  A single survey can fuel a variety of content marketing assets, whether the goal is thought leadership/brand building, lead generation, or both.

Top-5 Research-Based Content Assets:

  1. White Papers: Survey results provide an excellent foundation for whitepaper content, providing key talking points for the analyst to build upon in creating a particularly compelling report. Add qualitative interviews to provide additional context and flavor. Surrounded by a robust marketing plan, this valuable proprietary information can be gated for lead generation.
  1. Webinars: Repurpose survey results and elevate your position as an industry expert through thought leadership. Leverage your content further in a webinar lead touch program, providing an opportunity to engage the webinar registrants and continue the conversation. Breathe new life into the webinar content by creating an engaging, interactive experience with webinar key takeaways, highlighting main themes from the event.
  1. FastChats: Increase thought leadership by discussing the results of your research in an online interview. Drive additional traffic to the interview by adding an in-article video snippet to run alongside brand editorial.
  1. Infographics: Visualize key data from your research program and promote across a variety of channels to build your brand: partner websites, owned media, direct mail, social media, etc.

  2. Explainer Videos: Craft a unique video breaking down your research into digestible content. Increase awareness by adding a 30-second in-article video across the brand site to increase exposure and/or leverage video at your industry events.

We also know that third-party involvement increases the credibility of your content assets.  Informa Engage can help create a robust marketing plan that integrates the elements above to give your clients the awareness and/or sales leads they’re looking for.