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Market Leader Program
Expert-led, research and content program that fuels customer demand.

The Market Leader Program harnesses the voice of Informa’s influential audience to create an insightful, and data-driven content program, designed to educate your buyers on the key trends of your market. Each stage of this four-part program builds on the Informa’s proven framework of awareness and lead generation initiatives to create an immersive customer-centric experience for true thought leadership series that delivers a continuous ROI.

Our expert analysts identify the most critical trends of your industry, then design and implement an audience survey to unlock actionable insights from our B2B communities. Survey results are transformed into an interactive, co-branded report, to help buyers stay competitive and increase performance. Incorporated into the interactive report, Sponsors receive a blog post based on the research and tailored to their distinctive market position and expertise. Finally, a roundtable webinar provides sponsors with an opportunity to expand upon research data and showcase relevant perspectives to galvanize potential customers into action.

Key Features


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My Services:

My Relationship Manager:

Brian Reinholz

VP, Program Management

Engage Strategic Advisors:

Sr. Director, Audience Data Strategy

Sr. Director, Marketing Services Development

Director, Program Management

Sr. Director, Advertising Solutions Group

My Team:

Advertising Solutions:

Team Manager:

Dennis Boiko
Senior Director, ASG

Audience Extension Managers:

Jenny Lee
Senior Director, ASG

Mary Fox
Senior Director

Campaign Analytics:

Karen B.
Senior Director, ASG

Jenny Lee
Senior Director, ASG

ASG Manager:

Cristen Matthews
Senior Director, ASG

Collin Ainsworth
Senior Director, ASG


Amy James
Director, Marketing Services Design

Webinars & Virtual Experiences:

Emily Jackson
Senior Director, ASG

Program Management:

Albra Buelow
Senior Director, ASG


Kristin Letourneau
VP, Research