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Webinar content optimized for digital consumption post event.

Given all the time, energy and investment that goes into a webinar, it should be way more than a simple one-and-done tactic for generating leads or registrants.

Product Elements

The real underlying value of a webinar is the content itself, which when used strategically, will serve as a catalyst to engage audiences with content-rich experiences after the live event. Effectively repurposed, webinar content will open doors to a broader audience, nurturing prospects along their journey until they’re ready to purchase.

Webinar Key Takeaways capture the central themes from a live webinar and breathes new life into the content by framing it through a visual, interactive experience. This not only enhances ROI for marketers by extending the shelf life of their webinar, it expands their reach to a broader audience by making the content more accessible. The multi-media approach benefits buyer personas looking for topline educational material to support their goals but lack the time to sit through an in-depth video presentation.

Webinar Key Takeaways provide an easily recognizable value proposition in a world where audiences are bombarded by an overload of information sources competing for attention. The C-Suite and Senior Executive decision makers are examples of highly desired webinar attendees, but also notoriously difficult to secure because they lack the time. Like many executives, they’re hesitant to take time away from their busy schedule unless they are convinced they’ll receive significant value in return. Webinar Key takeaways appeal to the needs of B2B professionals by communicating a concise statement of information that returns time-saving value in alignment with the ongoing demands of their schedule.

Webinar Key Takeaways

Webinar Key Takeaway

Expert-led, research and content program that fuels customer demand.

Single webinar: $8,500

Informa Engage Execution Cost Estimate:

Option: can be applied for in-person and/or virtual events; provided quality audio/video recording is available for transcription

*Costs may vary based on scope of program

More Informaton:

For more information on production requirements, contact your dedicated program manager.  More information for prduction will  be available soon. 

* Informa Engage will optimize promotion placements based on performance
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